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I would recommend Sarah to anyone in the Denton area looking for a down to earth person who is about doing the right thing. Sarah was very professional in answering all of my questions, and I had a lot, in a manner that was easy for me to understand. She fully explained how the court process worked and how we would proceed with my case. She explained what her plan of action was, and was very genuine throughout my dealings with her. She represented me when I was charged with a felony. She was able to present findings that proved I was not involved to the DA and get my case dismissed prior to us even having to go to court and then was able to help get my record expunged.

Client whose felony case
was dismissed and expunged

I think you are the greatest lawyer on the planet and I always felt like you believed in me and had my back 100% of the time. You fought for me every step of the way, never backed down or took a 'plea' deal, are honest and ethical, and I would truly recommend you to anyone and everyone! I just think you are the best!

Client whose DWI case
was dismissed prior to a jury trial

Words cannot express our gratitude for your great representation of our son which had such positive results. Thank you very much.

Parents of student
charged with delivery of
a controlled substance

Our son had the good fortune to have Sarah Roland represent him and we do not hesitate to recommend her as an exceptional attorney. Sarah is thorough, frank yet compassionate and non-judgmental. She brings a strong sense of professionalism and integrity to the legal system, and communicates openly and frequently with clients and their family. Her results are outstanding

Parents of student
with felony charge and
probation issues

Working with Sarah was both a very easy and beneficial experience. Her counseling played a big part in the outcome of my case, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for legal counsel.

Client found innocent

I needed a qualified attorney but Sarah exceeded all of my expectations on many levels. I cannot count how many time I was impressed and surprised at her quality of work. She was prepared for anything and everything, not leaving any detail unattended. She is a capable and very intelligent person and in my situation she made decisions with everyone in mind. In my opinion, Sarah Roland is nothing short of a blessing and I can honestly thank God for her.

Client who was satisfied with
Sarah's representation

In 2007, I was arrested for possession of a weapon, possession of controlled substance (2nd degree felony) and possession of marijuana (felony charge). Attorney Sarah Roland saved my life. I was not only facing jail time but also deportation by the U.S immigration. The fact i am a citizen of Nigeria, any felony conviction would have led to an automatic deportation. I could also have lost my home, business and every other asset I own in America. Words cannot express how grateful I am to attorney Sarah Roland. She spent 3 years on my case without requesting for additional charges. She refused to settle for anything that was unfavorable to me as my case was a very unique and complicated one. She is very intelligent and dedicated. She knows the law and cares about her clients, and she is never in a rush to get a case out of her way. Mrs. Roland is not only good at what she does but as with my case was also willing to conquer new grounds. I am so grateful to God for using her to save me.

Client whose
charges were

I'm not the type that would last very long in jail, and thanks to Sarah Roland, I didn't have to. I was there for my 2nd DWI and revoking probation of my 1st DWI, which is a crime that constitutes a bit of a lengthy stay in county resort. Thanks to the brilliant lawyer skill of Sarah, I was only there a minor fraction of the time I could've been. The most remarkable thing to me about the whole experience was how much she cared about me. Not as a mark in the win column or a paycheck, but as a person. She is the exception that disproves the stereotype that presents lawyers as soulless, greed-possessed demons. She didn't take the case for the money, she took it because she knew that I needed and was seeking help for my addiction, help I couldn't find in jail. She helped get me into a treatment facility that was best for me. Thanks to her I'm free and five months sober and counting. She's given me a whole new lease on life. I owe her much more than a modest fee and this testimonial.

Client facing
2nd DWI and
revoked propation

I was arrested on suspicion of DWI in April 2010 and charged with DWI 2nd. But the DWI charges were removed and I was placed on deferred probation for obstruction. Sarah was always professional, reasonable, patient and kind. I hope to never need her professional services again but I am happy that I did and I am proud to call her a friend (and a damn good attorney).

Client facing
DWI 2nd
reduced to
Obstruction of a Highway

I am so grateful to you for your warm and caring attention that you paid toward me throughout my court process. It was a very stressful time and the process was very long. However, I want to thank you so much for your outstanding expertise, advice, and support. All of which lead to my case being dismissed. Needless to say, I feel very fortunate to have had you represent me.

Teacher/Coach whose
DWI was