Nondisclosures and Expunctions

Clean Up Your Record

In a world where everything is digital and jobs are highly competitive, it is important to clean up your record if at all possible. Just because your case has been dismissed, not filed, you have been found not guilty, or you have successfully completed deferred adjudication probation does not mean that you do not have a record. You don’t want anything to show up on a background check!

In Texas, there are two ways to clean up your record. The first, and best way, is to obtain an Order of Expunction. The second-best way to clean up your record is to obtain an Order of Nondisclosure or have your record sealed. Recently, the Texas legislature revamped the Government Code provisions dealing with nondisclosures to make their applicability even more expansive.

Please note, with all the third party background check websites that have popped up, if you do get an expunction or nondisclosure, it might still show up on these sites. These sites pull large data from state records that are not updated and are usually outside of U.S. jurisdiction to be shut down. Know that your record as far as the state of Texas will be clean.

To find out if your case can be expunged or sealed call Sarah today.