Will tickets effect my driving record

Often, individuals simply pay a traffic ticket thinking they are doing the “responsible thing.” While paying the ticket provides the immediate relief of finishing the case, it is not always the best thing to do for your driving record. If a person has certain types of tickets or too many tickets, DPS could issue a driver’s license suspension, require SR-22 insurance, or charge your record with a point. If you’re thinking about just paying the ticket, talk to a lawyer first to make sure it’s the best thing to do for your record.

Cities Sarah handles tickets

Sarah usually just handle tickets in and around Denton. If a ticket is going to be an issue getting a CDL or affect probation speak to Sarah about your ticket in other North Texas jurisdictions. 


Sarah Roland has been awarded Best in Denton County for tickets by the Murray Media Group. It was a nice surprise as Sarah did not prompt her ticket clients or colleagues as many do to get votes. A big thank you to all who voted.

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