Understanding the Science Behind Many Child Injury Allegations

Ms. Roland has been very successful in defending ‘injury to a child’ cases in her career. This is because Ms. Roland has a working understanding of the science behind many child injury allegations. For instance, in closed head trauma cases, it cannot be a foregone conclusion that the last person with the child necessarily injured the child. It is an impossible position to be a caregiver or parent and accused of injuring or hurting your own child or child you care for. Often, it doesn’t make any sense that an otherwise loving parent or caregiver would suddenly hurt a child.

CPS and the Police

It is also important to understand that CPS will be involved anytime there is an allegation of child injury. CPS and police often work in tandem with one another. What you say to a CPS worker will find its way into the criminal case. You cannot talk your way out of a child injury allegation.

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