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Quakertown Film Project

Telling the story of a forgotten Texas town with the Quakertown Film Project docuseries. 

The History: Quakertown, Texas was a historically significant African-American community that existed from the late 1800s to the early 20th century. The boundaries of the Denton community were Withers Street on the north, McKinney Street to the south, Vine Street on the east, and Oakland Avenue on the west. Quakertown was likely named in honor of the northern Quakers who sheltered runaway enslaved people and aided freedmen during early Reconstruction. The town was settled by freed slaves and their descendants following the Civil War. Quakertown thrived as a self-sustaining community with its own businesses, schools, and social institutions. However, in the 1920s, the city of Denton decided to reclaim the land on which Quakertown was situated. The residents were not adequately compensated for their properties, and the community was dismantled. The area was transformed into what is now known as “Quakertown Park,” erasing the vibrant history and cultural heritage of the once-thriving African-American community.