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Just As Good

Ask any criminal defense lawyer, and he/she will tell you that 2 of the greatest sounding words in the English language are “not guilty.”  There’s just nothing quite like it – the satisfaction and adrenaline that comes with those 2 words after a hard-fought battle for the underdog.
But I think there’s something equally as good.  It’s not words.  It’s the look on a client’s face when you have truly made an impact in their life – the look that says all that words cannot convey.  The look that says you have changed my life.  I am forever different now in a very good way because of you.  You are more to me than just my lawyer.  You helped me with not just my case, but you really cared about me and that made the difference in my life.
I was privileged to get that look today.  I was both humbled and proud to get that look – and words to go along with it – but the look said it all.  That’s the kind of thing that makes your day as a lawyer and keeps you going – to know that you’ve made a lasting, positive difference in someone’s life.  After all, that’s why I choose to do this work every day.
And to the person who gave me that look (you know who you are), I’m very proud of you.